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About Winliner

Author:      Date: 2019-04-01 16:07:55

Who are we and what do we do?

Winliner is an import&export company located in China; our mission is twofold: One, to help regional manufacturers here in China with their export needs; Two, to introduce overseas buyers outside of China with opportunities they wouldn’t normally find because these regional manufacturers are not keen on overseas marketing.


Over the years, Winliner have helped over 300 local manufacturers here to export their various products across the world, we have been a B2B/C services provider phenomenon here in Wuhan. We have been the host of E commerce conference here in central China since 2016, and every year the number is growing and multiplying.



What makes Winliner unique?

To put it simply, there is a gap between the numerous Chinese manufacturers who can produce, despite the stereotypes, quality products with according industrial safety/QA standards and the overseas importers who are looking for low priced, quality goods but can only find the usual, typical Chinese sellers who disguised themselves as manufacturers but are in fact marketing firms.


We are the bridge that mends this situation.

We are not a marketing/commerce agency, we work directly with local Chinese governments who aims to improve local economy to introduce their strongest manufacturers to the outside world. We help them setup necessary export procedures, research the suitable markets, and build up communications directly towards buyers.


So when you are making an inquiry on Winliner, you are not talking to Winliner sales representatives, for we have none, you are talking to Chinese manufacturers that cannot be found anywhere else directly. And since there is no middleman at all, you are guaranteed the best price, the best quality since they are all hand-picked by us. All we provide is the communication bridge, which does not charge the buyers at all, directly or indirectly.